15 Minute Valentine’s Day Garland

Fifteen minutes.  Fifteen minutes of quiet.  Fifteen minutes to do whatever my little heart desires.  As a new mother of two, I’ve learned just how magical coinciding naps can be.  So when the heavens shined down on us the other day, I grabbed some supplies and busted out a quick Valentine’s Day garland.

I had some craft paper laying around, probably from some grand project I had planned last year but never finished.  After cutting out the letters, I attached them to some bakers twine with mini clothes pins and I was done.

Literally, 15 minutes.  It was a child free miracle.  Last years garland was a little grander (and more labor intensive), but I was just impressed I actually finished a project!

And p.s., look at all the live plants on the mantel!  My thumb might be turning a light shade of gray.

And p.p.s., see the wall behind the fireplace?  We painted again!  Pics to come…some day.




  1. Brooke says:

    Love it!! So cute. Your crafting is inspiring me to be more crafty

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